Touchstones Imagery



Loved ones, parents, grandparents, others from a generation before us look back on their lives and celebrate their families.  Some have passed on and we celebrate their memories.  Often too, we end up with lots of their stuff whether we want it or have room for it. Of course there are a few touchstones that are precious to all of us. But what to do with their other things?  Many end up in a dumpster. Heartbreaking. 


Are there gentler ways to let go of their things but not the memories? How about a photograph archivable in print for 100 years, or a digital image that rotates on a display where you see it often, bringing to mind those special relationships?


With documentary or modern art styles I’ll photograph the grandfather clocks, vases, cigarette lighters, pipes, hats, glassware or other objects precious to you, that you know you can’t keep forever, and your kids aren’t going to want. Then in your own time, when you are ready, you can let those objects go. Keep the love.


Visit my blog to read about my own journey through letting go of mine and others' stuff and see what’s possible.


Can you hear the sigh of relief when you’ve honored your loved one’s things but moved them out? Aaah. 


Touchstones isn't just about documenting objects. 

It's about representing your relationships in the way you want to remember them. Perhaps too, in a way you would like to be remembered through a family portrait taken now, that will become a treasured touchstone for years to come.

Touchstones-Abstract image of Pink Glass Flower Vase4826.jpg